Online counseling and coaching



Research shows...

...that meeting with a therapist or coach online can be just as helpful as in-person meetings. Meeting online can be effective and convenient; it appeals to those who are tech-savvy. Your concerns may be unique and you may find that not every professional can help you. Online therapy may be your best choice for an expert that is not in your location.

However, e-sessions are not for everyone. If you have had recent episodes of self-harm or suicide attempt, you'll need to meet with a caring professional in person, at least at first. 

It's important to know that the therapist or coach you'll work with is using an app or program that protects your privacy.

Cathy has been facilitating online therapy and coaching sessions for several years. She uses a secure program and requires you to complete appropriate documentation before starting your work. Contact Cathy and learn more about meeting online!