Coaching for ex and exiting cult members.

Cathy is a member of the International Cultic Studies Association

Cathy will speak for the International Cultic Studies Association in Los Angeles, CA  March 24, 2018  Register to attend in person or live stream

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If you have been a member of a cultish, high-control group, you may need specialized help to move beyond your experience. Perhaps you have been "out" for many years, or just a few weeks. Or, you may still be thinking about leaving your group. You may be coping with feelings of confusion, fear and anger. If you have been shunned by family or former friends, you may feel hurt and sad. You might wonder, "what will happen to me if they're right?"  Whatever you are dealing with, Cathy can help. She was a member of a religious high-control group for 26 years and can offer credible support as well as education to help you decide how you want to live your best life.

Coaching is goal-oriented and helps you transition to a life without the oppression you may have experienced in a high-control group. If you have been feeling stuck or fearful about moving forward, contact Cathy to talk about the support she can offer.

The secret to happiness is freedom...
And the secret to freedom is courage.

— Thucydides